FT on the OFT on scientific journals

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Interesting also to note that one of the reasons the UK Office of Fair
Trading decided not to investigate the market for scientific journals is
that 'electronic delivery might allow academics to bypass the commercial
companies'. Does the OFT, or Reed Elsevier shareholders, know something we
don't? The evidence cited in this respect is SPARC, arXiv, ELSSS (has it
published any journals?) and Berkeley Electronic Press.

The OFT's view and the full report are at

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>The FT reports on the decision by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) not to
>launch a formal investigation into the STM journals market, even though
>that market might "not be working well".
>The FT's Lombard column says that
>this is a pretty good outcome for Reed Elsevier and its rivals in this cosy
>market niche; but wonders why shares in Reed Elsevier fell on the news.
>Reed has been telling analysts that the report was a "non-event", even
>though some of the OFT's conclusions were pretty damning.
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