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Chris Zielinski asks:

> how many articles have been read but not cited?

The folloowing estimates are from Citebase's database
( -

    (but duly noting caveats on data-quality, scope, coverage, noisiness,
    potential for abuse etc, )

Looking at the 91,017 articles that have a "journal reference"
(the author has said where the article was/will be published)

17628 (19.4%) have not been cited but have at least once been downloaded

(of the remainder 73265 have both been cited and downloaded, 98 have been
cited but not downloaded, and 26 were neither cited or downloaded)

I believe this is because physicists read all the new additions to the, as it forms a convenient "inbox" of research. However, over time
downloads are more discerning between low impact and high impact (pink line
is the top quartile of papers by citation impact):

Correlation r between "hits" and citation impact for the top quartile is
0.3359 with an n of 25,532.

Citations and downloads are mutually re-inforcing. If an author has read an
article they are more likely to cite it, conversely if an author sees a
citation they are likely to read the article that has been cited.

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> In fact, Stevan mentions "other new online scientometric measures such as
> online usage ["hits"], time-series analyses, co-citation analyses and
> full-text-based semantic co-analyses, all placed in a weighted multiple
> regression equation instead of just a univariate correlation". Indeed,
> impact factors are very crude quasi-scientometric and subjective measures
> compared even with such simple information (easy to obtain for online media)
> as counts of usage - for example, how many articles have been read but not
> cited?
> All these are indeed worth pursuing and, I would have thought, right on the
> agenda of the OA movement.
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