Re: removal of articles from electronic journals

From: Rune Dalgaard <runed_at_IMV.AU.DK>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 11:47:21 +0100

I agree with the response by Miller.

Actually removing stuff is unacceptable. With print that was kind of
impossible because of the many distributed physical copies (at least it
demanded an effort comparable to Orwells 1984). With the digital medium no
such guarantee follows - it has to be implemented and secured
institutionally and socially, which is why publishers, scholars and
librarians should insist on preserving all published literature.

Putting a stamp (or a tag) on such texts, explaining the 'retraction' should
be sufficient. This is comparable to the way papers in e-print archives can
have a journal tag on them once they are accepted to a journal, but are not
removed or deleted from the archives.


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> From: Andrea Foster <andrea.foster_at_CHRONICLE.COM>
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> Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 16:11:00 -0500
> Subject: removal of articles from electronic journals
> Hi All:
> I know this is a concern for librarians. But I'm wondering if scholars and
> professors also are concerned about the removal of articles from electronic
> journals because of plagiarism, fraud, political controversy, or a related
> reason.
> If you have any thoughts about this please contact me.
> Thanks,
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