Grant for founding new open-access journals

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 11:16:48 +0000

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation have just given $9 million
to the Public Library of Science

    "they will announce the creation of two peer-reviewed online
    journals on biology and medicine, with the goal of cornering the
    best scientific papers and immediately depositing them in the
    public domain."

Bravo to PLoS! This is splendid news for open access to research

(This adds at least two more open-access journals to the 200 or more
that already exist. But let it not make us complacent! There are 20,000
peer-reviewed journals in all. Researchers must not wait patiently for
the other 99% of them to get around to being replaced or converted to
open access! We need to make our own portions of them open-access right
now, by self-archiving research output, both pre- and post peer-review: )

"Self-archive unto others as ye would have them self-archive unto you."

Stevan Harnad

NOTE: A complete archive of the ongoing discussion of providing open
access to the peer-reviewed research literature online is available at
the American Scientist September Forum (98 & 99 & 00 & 01 & 02):

Discussion can be posted to:

See also the Budapest Open Access Initiative:

the Free Online Scholarship Movement:

the OAI site:

and the free OAI institutional archiving software site:
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