Re: Need for systematic scientometric analyses of open-access data

From: Imre Simon <is_at_IME.USP.BR>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 12:16:07 -0200

In my mind the need for systematic scientometric data for the
open-access literature and also for the OAI-compliant literature as
well as the whole literature is unquestionable.

I wonder whether a significant first step should not be an effort to
have more open-access journals act as OAI-compliant data providers?

I have the impression that many of the 3.000 open-access journals are
*not* OAI data providers. If they made such a move one would have
300.000 openly accessible full text peer-reviewed articles every year
in the OAI system and that would be a very interesting starting point
for the scientometric time-series.

Would it be feasible to ask BOAI to undertake such a campaign? After
all this would be just a bridge between BOAI-1 and BOAI-2.

Or am I wrong in my hypothesis?


Imre Simon

By the way, SciELO Brazil has 93 open access full text peer-reviewed
(brazilian) journals on the Internet:

: Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 14:38:12 +0000
: From: Stevan Harnad <>
: Subject: Re: Need for systematic scientometric analyses of open-access data
: On Sat, 21 Dec 2002, Andrew Odlyzko wrote:
: > To second what some others have written, there are surely far
: > more than 200 peer-reviewed open-access journals. Just in
: > mathematics alone there appear to be over 50 (if one merges
: > the two lists at <>
: > and <>).
: Dear colleagues,
: I accept that 200/20,000 (1%) was an under-estimate of the current ratio
: of open-access/total peer-reviewed journals!
: Let the guesstimate instead be 3000/20,000 (15%) -- or even higher!
: But now can I repeat my suggestion that we do need to perform
: the finer-grained time-series analysis I sketched, to estimate and
: extrapolate the relative size and growth-rate of open-access via BOAI-1
: (self-archiving) and via BOAI-2 (open-access journals), within and across
: disciplines -- and also to answer the very significant question of where
: in the quality-hierarchy the respective open-access growth is occurring.
: The clearer picture such an analysis will provide of where the growth
: regions are, which way they are growing, and how long they are likely
: to take to approach 100% can surely only be helpful to us in planning
: our future strategy and deploying our energy and resources.
: Stevan Harnad
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