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From: Albert Henderson <chessNIC_at_COMPUSERVE.COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 06:37:04 -0500

on 12/9/2002 Bernard Lang, wrote:

> why not erase all historical mistakes from the history books ... so
> that we can learn only how thing should go, and not how they can go
> wrong.

        When is a mistake not wrong?

        For example, Speaker Newt Gingrich took the
        Weberian position, in demanding a new vision
        from the House Science Committee, that the
        science bureaucracy is more interested in
        the process than in getting results.*

        Such accuracy was politically incorrect and
        the text was soon stricken. The House
        Science committee proceeded with business
        as usual.

        Was he wrong or simply mistaken?

        Best wishes,

Albert Henderson
*(Oct. 23, 1997) briefly found at:
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