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From: Jim Till <till_at_UHNRES.UTORONTO.CA>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 10:25:23 -0500

One of the two new peer-reviewed open-access journals that the Public
Library of Science (PLoS) plans to launch has the working title "PLoS
Biology"; see <>.

This journal "will compete head-to-head with the leading existing
publications in biology..."

It's also noted, at:

"Since 1999, the London-based publisher BioMed Central has published a
diverse group of peer-reviewed, open-access biomedical research
journals, and offered publication services to scientific groups and
societies who wish to launch new open-access publications. They are a
strong ally of PLoS".

But, one of BMC's top-level new journals is the Journal of Biology, edited
by Martin Raff <>: "Journal of Biology, an
international journal publishing biological research articles of
exceptional interest and importance, published by BioMed Central".

Can anyone explain to me why the Journal of Biology and PLoS Biology
won't be in "head-to-head competition"?

Jim Till
University of Toronto
Received on Sat Jan 04 2003 - 15:25:23 GMT

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