Re: Journal expenses and publication costs

From: Christopher D. Green <christo_at_YORKU.CA>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 17:27:27 -0500

Manfredi La Manna wrote:

> The one-size-fits-all syndrome strikes again. Scientific disciplines
> are vastly different in terms of all the relevant variables here,
> such as rejection rates, turnaround times, editorial structures, etc. I
> understand that BMC's figure of $500 article-processing-charge (APC) per
> published article is based on an average rejection rate of 50%. The same
> ratio applied to a top economics journal (with a rejection rate of 95%)
> would yield a prohibitive $5,000 APC.

I've been thinking it all through this discussion, but perhaps I should make
it explicit here. Charges such as this weil *never* fly in experimental
psychology, where the only journals that have page charges are generally
considered to be just a hair's beadth above vanity presses. Another business
model will haveto be developed if this is to work in psychology.

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