Re: Draft Policy for Self-Archiving University Research Output

From: ePrints Support <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:54:02 +0000

I think this should also address long term archiving. ie. we should
have as policy that we will maintain the archive, and keep it backed up
etc. This way our members can be confident that this will happen. Also we
should maybe have some promise of preservation of URLs etc. Ultimately
the service will probably move or be absorbed into a larger archive but
even after that a mapping of old URLs could be maintained.

Making preservation & constant URLs part of the policy will reduce
workload for staff, in that they will not need to make their own
individual provision for these things.

I believe that the D-Space approach is to say that they can preserve
the content of file formats which the software "understands" eg. word,
latex, HTML that can be stored in a common XML format, and that other
formats will be preserved as a "bit stream" which is to say you can get
your data back 20 years later, but they don't promise to supply it in
a useful format, just the 1's and 0's you supplied.

Admittedly at this stage it is content and dissemination that is the
main goal, not preservation, but it's worth considering how we can get
both for the best economy of resources.

 Christopher Gutteridge
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On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 12:48:35 +0000, Stevan Harnad wrote:
> Comments are invited on the following draft for a university policy on
> the self-archiving of research output:
> It is being formulated both for use at Southampton
> University, and as a possible model for wider adoption,
> particularly in connection with a recommended restructuring
> of UK's Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)
> and its emulation in other countries
> Stevan Harnad
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