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From: Antonella De Robbio (Casa) <"Antonella>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:53:11 +0000

Thank you Stevan,

We have downloaded and created an Eprint archive for LIS using your
wondeful GNU Eprints software (pepper version 2.1.1)
Our archive is named E-LIS: Eprints in Library and Information Science

E-LIS is an electronic open access archive for scientific or technical
documents, published or unpublished, in Librarianship, Information
Science and Technology, and related application activities.
E-LIS is an archive to deposit preprints, postprints and other LIS
publications, it is a service for finding and downloading documents in
electronic format, offered as a free service to the international LIS
The goal of the E-LIS Archive is to promote communication in the field
by the rapid dissemination of papers.

Eprints for LIS has been established as a community service by rclis
<> (Research in Computing, Library and Information
Science) to promote open access to papers on these fields. RCLIS is a
project to build a database about current and past documents in
computing, librarianship, information science and technology and related
application activities.

Thank you
Antonella De Robbio
E-LIS Manager
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