Re: Are "Open Access Reprints" a Unique Service?

From: Michael Jost <jo_at_ZBLMATH.FIZ-KARLSRUHE.DE>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:45:01 +0100

Some of the journals in The Electronic Library of Mathematics (ELibM)
offer similar benefits, however, I'm not aware that one of them
charges authors with a fee for that.

So I think you cannot truthfully tell the ESA president that ESA's
service is unique.

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Thomas J. Walker wrote:
> Since January 2000, the Entomological Society of America has offered its
> authors the option of buying a package of services that will soon be
> renamed "Open Access Reprints".  For less than the cost of 100 paper
> reprints (e.g., $95 for a 7-page article), authors may buy these benefits:
> (1) As soon as your article is published, ESA will post the PDF file on its
> Web server with access free to all.
> (2) You may immediately obtain the PDF file of your article from ESA's
> server and post it on your home page and on other publicly accessible web
> servers.  You may also use it to send your article to colleagues as an
> e-mail attachment and to make as many "electronic reprints" of your article
> as you wish.
> (3) Anyone may freely read or print your article from the Internet and make
> as many copies for noncommercial purposes as they wish.
> (4) ESA will see that the full text of your article is accessible to the
> robots of public search services.  For example, Google
> ( will index the full text of your article on ESA's
> server, thereby helping the public find and access the full text of your
> article.
> QUESTION:  Does any other publisher offer their authors a similar, optional
> package of services?
> My reason for asking this question is that after three years of silence ESA
> is planning to tell its members and authors about benefits (2) through
> (4).  Can I truthfully tell the ESA president that ESA's service is
> unique?  In other words, is ESA the only publisher that offers the above
> package of impact-enhancing services to authors who are willing to pay a
> modest price for immediate open access to their refereed, formatted articles.
> Note: Authors who sign ESA's copyright agreement cannot legally post the
> PDF files of their articles until 2 years after publication.
> Note:  ESA currently sells Open Access Reprints, under the name "PDF
> Reprints," to 55% of its authors.  Detailed figures and an account  of
> ESA's flirtation with selling its authors open access from 1995 through
> 2002 is at
> Note: I am lobbying for ESA to increase its list of benefits.  For example,
> (5) ESA will post your article on an OAI-compliant server.
> (6) ESA will post your article on PubMed Central.
> (7) ESA will encourage indexing services such as Current Contents Connect,
> Web of Science, Biosis, and CAB Abstracts to hotlink to the full text of
> your article.
> Note: Florida Entomological Society charges all its authors an open-access
> fee, but it is not optional.  For details (including the fiscal results)
> see
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