SPARC Institutional Repository Checklist & Resource Guide: Raym Crowe

From: Peter Suber <>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 01:21:58 +0000

SPARC Institutional Repository Checklist & Resource Guide
by Raym Crowe

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    "Institutional repositories complement existing metrics for
    gauging institutional productivity and prestige. Where this
    increased visibility reflects a high quality of scholarship,
    this demonstration of value can translate into tangible benefits,
    including the funding -- from both public and private sources
    -- that derives in part from an institution's status and reputation."

    "While gaining credit for professional advancement is a key motivation
    for academic publishing, the primary reason is communicating with
    others about their research and contributing to the advancement
    of knowledge in their field. The principal author benefit
    of participating in an institutional repository [is] enhanced
    professional visibility... This visibility and awareness is driven
    by both broader access and increased use."

    "No library can afford a subscription to every possible journal,
    rendering much of the research literature inaccessible to many of an
    institution's researchers. Interoperability protocols and standards,
    when applied to institutional repositories, create the potential for a
    global network of cross-searchable research information. By design,
    networked open access repositories lower access barriers and offer
    the widest possible dissemination of a scholar's work."

    "A related author benefit derives from the increased article impact
    that open access papers experience compared to their offline,
    fee-based counterparts, whether print or electronic. Research has
    demonstrated that, with appropriate indexing and search mechanisms in
    place, open access online articles have appreciably higher citation
    rates than traditionally published articles. This type of visibility
    and awareness bodes well for both the individual author and for the
    author's host institution."
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