Re: The self-archiving sweepstakes

From: Tom Abeles <>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 17:28:42 +0000

Hi Steve

I think we are in agreement here.

Perhaps one of the issues is that the open archives concept also
exposes all of these millions of refereed articles to the public at
large. Academics might find that the "Sokal Affair" was benign compared
to a potential fire storm in a time of shrinking public support for post
secondary education.

What indeed would happen if the weight of decisions on promotion/tenure
and pay were shifted towards teaching and measures of student satisfaction
rather than peer review? Or articles that did not meet standards in
one or more publications appear vetted by another source- what then?

In essence, while OAI opens research for sharing, its potential to cause
restructuring within The Academy is more than idle speculation or an
intellectual exercise


tom abeles
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