Re: The RePEc (Economics) Model

From: Thomas Krichel <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 15:23:38 +0000

  Leslie Carr writes

>sh> It is such a small issue that it does not belong in a general
>sh> discussion of open access and self-archiving for researchers.
>tc> You constantly belittle techncial problems, and then you wonder
>tc> why the archives are staying empty or do not exist. Answer: because
>tc> these "technical problems" have not been solved. By belittling
>tc> them, you put yourself in the way of finding a solution.
> You know, I wonder if that's the case. I can see your point, and I
> won't argue that EPrints, or DSpace, or arxiv provides perfect
> technical solutions to every imaginable problem or the perfect user
> interface for every user.

  I did not express myself well I wrote, I meant to say
  that much of what Stevan belittles as "technical" is
  in fact symptomatic of wider social issue that
  impact on the academic self-documentation process.

> (I will refrain here from speaking of RePeC, since I don't know of
> any shortcomings that it may have :-)

  One obvious example is the captialization of the name that
  folks don't seem to get right :-)

> I think this area (academic motivation) is quite
> likely to hold the key to the missing content.

  That is what I have been saying all along. You have
  to give academics the motivation to participate. A
  reliance on carrot and stick from central administration
  is not likely to be sufficient.

> Certainly in local discussions several solutions have been
> suggested, but no agreement on a "globally optimal" solution has
> been reached :-)

  Sure, because a global solution is not there, it depends
  on the discipline. Some will get to self-archive slowly
  some fast, some not at all. I can surly imagine a situation
  where for legal scholarship you have to pay, but where
  physics is free.

  With greetings from Minsk, Belarus,

  Thomas Krichel
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