Re: EPrints, DSpace or ESpace?

From: William Nixon <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 20:27:38 +0100

Dear Dr Jacobs,

The University of Glasgow's Open Archives project "DAEDALUS", funded by the
JISC FAIR Programme is looking at both the Southampton GNU EPrints software
and the MIT/H-P DSpace software.

DAEDALUS will establish a range of OAI-compliant Digital Collections at the
University of Glasgow. These collections will include:

* Published and peer reviewed academic papers [using the EPrints software]
* Pre-prints and grey literature [using DSpace]
* Theses [using the Virginia Tech ETD-db software]

The intention is to gain experience both of the technical [and metadata]
issues inherent in the implementation of these services but also, and more
critically to engage our academic community through Advocacy activities to
ensure that content is deposited. These Advocacy activities, which include
presentations to faculty, attendance at University committees and so forth
are crucial to ensure that our repositories don't end up in "ESpace" or,
Empty Space.

In many respects, the choice of repository software may be an academic one
and at the moment the real key is the content and the activities to garner
that content. The rich collection of software now available (Eprints, DSpace
as well as the CERN Document Server Software) provide us with an
opportunity, within the project to gain experience about Eprints and DSpace
which we will be able to disseminate to the wider community.

In the latter stages of DAEDALUS we will also build a local OAI harvester
service for Glasgow which will search across these individual repositories.

Further information about DAEDALUS can be found at:

I would be very happy to discuss this work with you further.

Best wishes,

William J Nixon
Project Manager: Service Development [DAEDALUS]

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Does anyone have any practical (tech / non-tech) experience of interfacing
between Dspace and Eprints servers?

I realise, of course, that they should interface perfectly using OAI, but I
wonder whether anyone is, say, building an institutional archive from
departmental OAI-compliant servers that use both eprints and dspace?

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