Re: Eprint versions and removals

From: Arthur P. Smith <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 15:57:18 +0100

David Goodman wrote:

> Surely If someone makes a document public and publicly accessible on
> an archive, then it is the responsibility of any organization claiming
> to be an "archive" to archive it. By permitting removal at all you are
> saying that it is necessary for some other organization to take the
> responsibility of archiving your archive so the record remains available.

"Responsibility" is the key issue, to me, too often glossed over
(along with the associated "context"). The maintainers of an e-print
archive generally make no claims to responsibility for the content; it is
entirely with the author. For a journal, peer review to a certain standard
transfers responsibility to the publisher, and no author expects to be
able to delete a paper after publication through that means. Review papers
and abstracting/indexing services take responsibility to another level
- any citation makes the citing author responsible for the connection
and for placing the work in its scientific context. Responsibility for
placing a work within the wider world rests with journalists, text book
authors, historians, and the like. Responsibility for long-term archiving
of the original content has long been a collaboration between publishers
and libraries; that seems to be continuing electronically with slightly
different roles.

Some thoughts from a few years ago on this:
See also:
for the published content, and context provided by ALPSP...

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