Re: How to compare research impact of toll- vs. open-access research

From: Sally Morris <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:04:21 +0100

It is important to point out that Steve Lawrence's article, despite its
title, does not (and indeed, could not) distinguish between articles which
are freely available and those for which a fee has been paid. All it
measures is the increase in rate of citation if the articles are accessible
online to the citer. We recently checked this with the author himself.

Of course, this means that there is a feedback loop from the 'Big Deals'
which the largest publishers are able to provide to libraries and consortia.
Availability means more citations, more citations means increased
attractiveness both to authors and to cash-strapped libraries.


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> On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, [identity removed] wrote:
> > You mention in your recent post and THES article that
> >> "For the citation counts of papers whose full texts are already
> >> freely accessible on the web are more than 300 per cent higher than
> >> those that are not."
> > Do you have a citation for that that you can point me at?
> Lawrence, S. (2001a) Online or Invisible? Nature 411 (6837): 521.
> Lawrence, S. (2001b) Free online availability substantially increases a
> paper's impact. Nature Web Debates.
> See also:
> Kurtz, Michael J.; Eichhorn, Guenther; Accomazzi, Alberto; Grant,
> Carolyn S.; Demleitner, Markus; Murray, Stephen S.; Martimbeau,
> Nathalie; Elwell, Barbara. (submitted) The NASA Astrophysics Data
> System: Sociology, Bibliometrics, and Impact.
> and the work of Andrew Odlyzko:
> and Tim Brody's remarkable impact correlation generator, which
> can predict later citation impact from earlier usage (download)
> impact using variable time-windows and ranges for the Physics
> ArXiv (you need the latest java to be able to use it) at:
> Finally, see:
> Stevan Harnad
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