Self-archiving publications containing quotations

From: Albert Henderson <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 19:14:49 +0100

>>>sh> So copyright is certainly not the problem.
>>mf> That may be true for certain disciplines, but I can attest that in the
>>mf> humanities, where we cite original literature, we find it expensive and
>>mf> sometimes impossible to make our research internet accessible.
>sh> All disciplines cite original literature.
>sh> That publisher copyright is not an obstacle to the
>sh> self-archiving of peer-reviewed journal articles is true of
>sh> *all* disciplines. Humanities are not an exception.

The difference between the Humanities and science has nothing to do
with citations. Humanities scholars must use quotations to make their
points. Quotations often involved copyrighted materials.

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Albert Henderson
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