Re: Free Access vs. Open Access

From: Thomas Krichel <krichel_at_OPENLIB.ORG>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 01:53:05 -0500

  Barry Mahon writes

> The actual technical aspects of the database loading may be
> irrelevant but there is an important corollorary - secondary
> information services (abstracting and indexing) play an increasingly
> important role as the primary literature becomes more and more
> diffused in the location of its primary publication. These are
> certainly not free - it costs a lot of money to collect and collate
> the material, even though a number of the organisations doing this
> work are non-profit, such as Chemical Abstracts, Inspec, etc.

  There are free abstract and indexing services around, see
  CiteSeer,, DBLP, see, for computer
  science and RePEc,, for economics.
  I am the principal founder of RePEc and I am in the process of
  implementing the ideas behind this collection for Computing
  and Library and Information Science, see Not
  much there yet, though, because such systems take a long
  time to be produce.

> BTW, ICSTI will be holding a meeting in January 2004 on the topic
> of the 'new economic models'

  The trick is to get the community involed, in that way you
  minimize cost on a central collection. The RePEc collection
  illustrates this masterfully.


  Thomas Krichel
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