Re: Nature's vs. Science's Embargo Policy

From: Iva Melinscak Zlodi <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 18:59:45 +0100

There has been a lot of debating over results of Romeo project.
For me, one thing is still not clear.

Publishers that support self-archiving on personal site or institutional
server as well as public e-print server has been coupled together
(only the difference between supporting pre- or post-prints has been
recognized as significant).

But, there is a large difference between self-archiving on personal web
sites (we can not expect all personal archives to be OAI-compliant)
and self-archiving on institutional or public servers. Possibilities
for finding and retrieving articles from personal web sites are greatly

I would appreciate any clearification on this issue.

Iva Melinscak Zlodi
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