Re: Scientific publishing is not just about administering peer-review

From: David Goodman <dgoodman_at_retiree.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 06:05:48 +0100

The amount of publicity that has come to my attention about and from PLOS
is relatively modest, as compared to the publicity and advertising of many
other publishers and journals, both profit and
non-profit. Word of mouth is a very powerful publicity medium--and other
publishers share its benefits too when they do
something exceptional. PLOS has been widely looked for and
hoped for, and indeed undoubtedly anticipated even by those working
along other lines. I suppose that is part of what Rebecca
means by "resonate;" the other part is that it well meets some of the
needs of a significant and prominent portion of the scientific
community and of the interested public.

(To meet all the needs
of the scientific community and the public, is probably beyond the
scope of any one model.)

Dr. David Goodman
Princeton University Library
Palmer School of Library and Information Science, LIU
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