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After a bit of digging I found the JISC study at:

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On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 20:14:39 +0000 Steve Hitchcock
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> Concerns have been expressed about preservation of eprints stored in
> institutional archives, e.g. see this JISC study
> Feasibility and requirements study on preservation of e-prints
> which led to this paper in D-Lib
> The Digital Preservation of e-Prints
> With regard to institutional eprints Stevan Harnad has noted:
> >There is a confusing and misleading emphasis on preservation. Yes,
> >of course it is good to preserve these self-archived materials, and
> >they can and will be preserved (ArXiv has been online and cumulating
> >continuously since 1991); but the substantive issue here is *access*
> >not preservation! The real preservation problem is for the publishers'
> >primary toll-access version, online and on-paper. These self-archived
> >eprints are merely *supplements* to that, publicly archived so as to
> >maximise access to them, right now. They are not *substitutes* for the
> >primary publishers' version. It is a mistake to overstress this
> >access supplement as if it were *the* primary preservation corpus.
> In this context there may be some interest in the announcement on Friday
> October 31 that the UK Government passed the Legal Deposit Act extending to
> digital publications. The actual Act is at
> and the British Library press release is at
> It is also worth noting the comments of Anthony Watkinson, a publisher with
> experience of these processes:
> >It is probable that the statutory
> >instruments next year will start with off-line but on-line will follow quite
> >soon and (although web-site sampling is part of the picture) it is scholarly
> >e-journals that are of main interest i.e. publications. To my mind e-only
> >journals are the most important though the normative e-version of journals
> >available in print also are diverging from print and thus become more
> >important to preserve.
> There are still some practical issues to resolve, not least because the
> Government department involved only revealed the draft very late in the day
> "to the fury and exasperation of the library and publishing sectors",
> relating to omissions in earlier readings
> But the thrust of the bill towards publications is clear.
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