Re: Is there any need for a universal Open Access label?

From: Helene Bosc <>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 11:19:52 +0000

At 19:56 01/12/03 +0000, Stevan Harnad a ecrit:
> >
>It would be a much more useful and universal solution to incorporate
>the criteria for being "FIPATRAFTO" into the OAI archives: An article
>is FIPATRAFTO if the OAI archive in which it is archived contains
>its full-text (not just its metadata), it is tagged as "refereed"
>(including journal-name), and its deposit date is not later than its
>publication date.

May I suggest the abbreviated acronym FIPA instead of FIPA-TRAFTO? I would
also suggest several levels in FIPA. As your definition of FIPA-TRAFTO is
ideal but rarely observed it might be called "FIPA-IDEAL." And for the more
common OAI documents presently observed in archives -- that is, fulltext,
tagged as refereed (including journal-name) but with a *later* deposit
date -- FIPA-TRIAL (seen as a trial to reach the ideal of FIPA-IDEAL).

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