Estimates on data and cost per department for institutional archives?

From: Min-Yen Kan <kanmy_at_COMP.NUS.EDU.SG>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 11:33:30 +0000

Hello all:

At the National University of Singapore, a task force has assembled
to examine the possibility of setting up an open-access institutional
repository to address some of the goals brought up by Stevan Harnad,
but most importantly:

> 5. (RES) self-archiving institutional research output (preprints,
> postprints and theses)
> "Re: Central versus institutional self-archiving"
> "Re: EPrints, DSpace or ESpace?"

The reason why I'm writing the list is because we are currently trying
to estimate the amount of data that will eventually flow into the
institutional archive. It's hoped that it will give us a way to estimate
the cost of the budget for the project. Many of the parameters in the
project are under discussion, so I can't give many informative details,
but I'm interested in finding out whether any studies tabulating the
size (and/or cost) of data going into institutional repositories have
been done.

I know this query is a bit underspecified, but I'm hoping that any leads
that readers of this list might be able to offer will be able to help our
group come up with an approximate figure. We feel it is good to consult
expertise earlier rather than later. Of course, there are numerous other
issues that need to be examined (e.g., copyright policy), and our group
is checking these out in parallel.

I've done some searching on the list archives, D-Ligband Ariadne, and
as of now, I'm only aware of Theo Andrew's recent Ariadne article on
repository postings at the Univ. of Edinburgh
and Michael Day's article on ePrints UK

I would be very happy to hear from you if you have any past or present
lessons to share. I would be happy to post a summary of responses if
there's interest.


Min-Yen KAN
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science, School of Computing
National University of Singapore, Singapore 117543
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