Re: The Green and Gold Roads to Open Access

From: Leslie Carr <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 15:17:42 +0000

It was very interesting to see some publishers' reactions to OA 1 & 2
at a meeting I attended recently. The discussion I was present for came
down clearly on the side of Open Archives as a preferable (and stable)
way forward, even describing it as a "safety valve" on an overheated
system. My impression was that it may 'buy enough time' to allow
publishing practices and business models to adapt (and compete!) on a
more realistic time scale than those dictated by artificial solutions
from funding organisations.

There was also discussion about librarians and academics changing their
assumptions and expectations, and whether institutional librarians may
have to relinquish collections management in the serials world.

Les Carr
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