"Open Access and Retrieval: Liberating the Scholarly Literature"

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"Open Access and Retrieval: Liberating the Scholarly Literature"

"An old tradition and a new technology have converged to make
possible an unprecedented public good"
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   I am pleased to inform you that my chapter on

"Open Access and Retrieval: Liberating the Scholarly Literature"

written for a volume on _E-Serials Collection Management: Transitions,

Trends, and Technicalities _ (edited by David C. Fowler. New York :
Haworth Information Press, 2004) has been officially published


Chapter 10. Open Access and Retrieval: Liberating the Scholarly
Literature 197

Budapest Open Access Initiative 197
New Generation Journals 199
Self-Archiving 200
EPrints 201
Open Archives Initiative 206
Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata
Harvesting 208
Roles and Responsibilities of Self-Archiving 212
"The Future of Ideas" 215

Whether the self-archiving model becomes the new paradigm for scholarly
publishing as
envisioned by its proponents will depend not only on improved archiving
and retrieval
software and systems but also, and more importantly, on the degree to
all stakeholders endorse and embrace its potential as a viable and
publishing alternative.

  I have self-archived the article at:


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