Re: Draft letter for institutions to sign to implement Berlin Declaration

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2003 15:28:36 +0000

On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Arkadiusz Jadczyk wrote:

> There are many institutions that will be happy to run [open access]
> journals, and they will always find the little money that is needed.
> "Charging the author or institution" opens a way to setting up a
> bureaucracy that will take costs higher and higher.

Before we get carried away with hypotheses and counter-hypotheses about
how still-nonexistent open-access journals could or should cover their
costs, may I remind commentators that this thread is about implementing
institutional open-access *provision* and not about how to fund
open-access journals?

The reason one has to keep citing the 5%/95% figure is because the 5%
solution seems to have a way of quickly co-opting all available mental

            (OAJ) Researchers publish their research in an
    open-access journal if a suitable one exists [5%], otherwise
            (OAA) they publish it in a suitable toll-access
    journal [95%] and also self-archive it in their own research
    institution's open-access research archive.

Stevan Harnad

NOTE: A complete archive of the ongoing discussion of providing open
access to the peer-reviewed research literature online is available at
the American Scientist Open Access Forum (98 & 99 & 00 & 01 & 02 & 03):
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Unified Dual Open-Access-Provision Policy:
    BOAI-2 ("gold"): Publish your article in a suitable open-access
            journal whenever one exists.
    BOAI-1 ("green"): Otherwise, publish your article in a suitable
            toll-access journal and also self-archive it.
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