_Proceedings of Major Open Access Conference Published_

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            _Proceedings of Major Open Access Conference Published_

   The proceedings of the ICSTI/INIST/INSERM Seminar on Open Access to Scientific
and Technical Information:State of the Art and Future held January 23-24, 2003 at
the French Ministry of Research, Carré des Sciences, Paris, was recently published in
a special issue of _Information Services & Use_ (v 23 (n. 2-3) (ISSN 0167-5265)
(IOS Press (http://www.iospress.nl ).

The issue includes the following major themes and notable papers:

**Open Access: What Does It Mean for STI Distribution**
o Open Access: marginal or core phenomenon? a commercial publisher's view (Pieter Bolman)
o Open publishing: how publishers are reacting (Sally Morris)
o A brief overview of the OAI protocol and its potential impact (Andy Powell)
**Open Access: Economic Models and Legal Implications**
o Ingenta's economic and technical models for providing institutional OA archives (Geoffrey Bilder)
o Open Access publishing (Jan Velterop)
o Libraries and institutional infrastructure for Open Access services (Elmar Mittler)
o The legal framework for access to STI (Thomas Dreier)
**Open Access: Challenges for the Scientific Community**
o Mathematics and databases: Open Access (Laurent Guillopé)
o The Centre for Direct Scientific Communication (Daniel Charnay)
o The research-impact cycle (Stevan Harnad)
**Open Access: Issues for Developing Countries**
o Round Table: Open Access issues for developing countries (Kay Raseroka,
Barbara Kirsop, Jean-Jacques Pierrat, Georges Malamoud, Barbara Aronson, Manfred
**Open Access: Projects and Initiatives**
o Institutional repositories and Open Access: the future of scholarly communication (David Prosser)
o The Budapest Initiative for Open Access (Jean-Claude Guédon)
o FIGARO and Open Access to electronic information objects (Stefan Gradmann)
o E-BioSci: Semantic networks of biological information (Les Grivell).

The issue also contains a lengthy review titled "Open Access to Scientific and
Technical Information: The State of the Art" prepared by Jack Franklin, ASFRA bv, Edam,
The Netherlands (http://www.inist.fr/openaccess/en/etat_art.php), transcripts of Questions &
Answers sessions, welcome and closing addresses, and a summary of discussions with commentary.

    An OCLC record for the issue is available [OCLC # 53966590] thanks to my Cataloging Colleagues
at the ISU Library! I encourage all who own the journal to analyze it for their local OPAC.

**Ironically, while the proceedings is a major contribution to the Open Access literature and movement,
it is *not* Open Access [:-( ]. However, some authors have self-archived a version of their presentations [:-)]** [Google Author/Title to see who has self-archived]

*** Perhaps, in the spirit of the Season, the publisher would make this issue available as their Free (Electronic) Sample Issue - How About It IOS Press? ***

   IMHO This is an important collection that should be required reading in the New Year for every librarian
and those who wish they were {:->



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