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From: Sally Morris <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 18:22:48 +0000

Open Access (free access for all readers to published primary research
articles) is a very appealing journals model, particularly for society
publishers who publish not only to produce surpluses with which the
fund the society's other activities, but also in furtherance of their
society's mission to promote their subject. However, there is as yet
very little basis of fact on which individual publishers and societies
can make decisions about whether or not to abandon their existing
subscription model and move to an alternative cost recovery model which
enables Open Access.

A significant number of journal publishers are in fact experimenting
with Open Access models; the majority are seeking payment of publication
charges, either for all articles, or on an optional basis. In addition,
there are some publishers whose experience with the Open Access model
is leading them to move away from it to a more traditional subscription

What is needed is a rigorous analysis of the data which is being collected
by these various publishers, in order to establish not just the financial
parameters and ultimate viability of Open Access models, but also
the effect of Open Access on other factors such as author submissions,
acceptance/rejection rate, usage statistics and - ultimately - citations.
ALPSP is therefore seeking to carry out a study which will collect and
analyse as much relevant data as possible from an international range
of publishers; a list is already available of some 10 publishers who
have volunteered to participate. It is envisaged that the data analysis
will be completed in the second half of 2004, unless there is a strong
argument for spending more time.

I would be happy to send a copy of the Invitation to Tender to anyone
who is interested in quoting for this project. I would also be
delighted to hear from additional publishers who would be willing to
share their data with the selected researcher.



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