Re: Estimates on data and cost per department for institutional Archives?

From: Charles W. Bailey, Jr. <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 16:13:56 +0000

DSpace has a broader scope than just eprints; however,
some cost data is available in the two documents I described
below (from Current Cites volume 14, no. 12,
December 2003):

Barton, Mary R., and Julie Harford Walker. "[29]Building a
Business Plan for DSpace, MIT Libraries' Digital Institutional
Repository" [30]Journal of Digital Information 4(2) (2003)
( -
Currently, there is a great deal of interest in institutional
repositories, but little is known about their costs. This article
outlines MIT's business plan for its well-known DSpace repository.
Not considering software development and system implementation
costs, the authors conservatively estimate a budget of $285,000 for
FY 2003. The bulk of the costs are for staff ($225,000), with
smaller allocations for operating expenses ($25,000) and system
hardware expansion ($35,000). MIT's DSpace service offerings have
two components: core services (basic repository functions) and
premium services (e.g., digitization and e-format conversion,
metadata support, expanded user storage space, and user alerts and
reports). While core services are free, MIT reserves the right to
potentially charge for premium services. For further information
see: MIT Libraries' DSpace Business Plan Project--Final Report to
the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
,which indicates that system development costs "included $1.8
million for development as well as 3 FTE HP staff and approximately
$400,000 in system equipment." - [32]CB

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