Re: Directory of Open Access Journals

From: Alexei Koudinov <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 02:55:44 +0000

Dear Sara Kjellberg,

My view is that DOAJ engaging in definition polishing is premature. Your
service is valued and appreciated by great number of academic libraries
web sites (that I noticed personally), and is used by some services to
libraries (like Serials solutions).

Those who use your service seem accepted your definition of Open Access,
so, I do not see the point to modify (and especially adapt your definition
of OA to major players of Open Access movement), when the whole concept
is just developing. Please make a note of it.

To remind all my view on the publication fee in OA is available at the
following SPARC-OA Forum posts:

summary post:
post 2:
post 1:


Alexei Koudinov
Founder and Editor
Neurobiology of Lipids
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