Re: Request for journal/article/field statistics from Ulrichs and ISI

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:46:14 +0000

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> Yvette Diven of Ulrich's
> provided the following concerning the Ulrich's definition of "electronic"
> "In Ulrich's, the term "online" is used to denote "online full-text"
> or "online full content"... As used in Ulrich's, online does not
> necessarily mean online-only, although there are approximately
> 4,600 e-only publications in Ulrich's that are included in the
> total number of online publications. It should be noted that not all
> online periodicals in Ulrich's are academic/scholarly publications.
> Ulrich's also includes, for example, online consumer publications,
> newsletters, and web-based 'zines that fall outside the scope of
> academic and scholarly publishing (many of these are e-only)."

Most of the mainstream peer-reviewed journals are now hybrid,
with both a paper and an online version.

As a consequence, I think the category "Electronic [or Online] Journal" is
no longer an interesting or particularly informative one.

"Online-Only" may possibly still have some import (but what import?).
"Open-Access" ("Gold") Journal of course does have import, and many
(but not all!) Gold Journals are also Online-Only.
(Some Open-Access Journals, e.g., Cortex
are hybrid.)

A more interesting new category of journals is one that
cuts across all of these: "Green" journals -- Toll-Access journals
that officially endorse author/institution self-archiving:
Romeo reports that 55% of the 7000+ journals they sampled are already
Green. SHERPA may soon have an update.

    "SHERPA will take over the Romeo Publisher Policy Table"

    "The Green and Gold Roads to Open Access"

    "The Green Road to Open Access: A Leveraged Transition"

Stevan Harnad

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