Re: DOAJ, OAIster and Romeo should chart growth, as EPrints does

From: Bjørnshauge Lars <Lars.Bjornshauge_at_LUB.LU.SE>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 13:03:09 +0000

When it comes to the DOAJ we will in a couple of months launch the DOAJII with metadata on article level, by then we will be able to provide figures as to the number of articles in the DOAJ journals (that by then are able to provide such metadata).

I hope this will accommodate the need for more useful figures as to the amount of OA articles in Open Access Journals - according to the criteria used in the DOAJ service.

Kindest regards

Lars Björnshauge

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Subject: Re: DOAJ, OAIster and Romeo should chart growth, as EPrints

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, Andy Powell wrote:

> The ePrints UK project is now maintaining a snapshot of the state of the
> eprint archives and open access journals within UK academia (at least, all
> those that we know about and harvest from).
> The intention is to provide ongoing monthly snapshots of the number of
> known archives and a count of the number of records harvested from each.

This will be very useful. But it currently covers only 18 UK OA eprint
archives! Thanks to Tim Brody's wonderful new directory we know there
are already at least 130 eprints archives worldwide:
(There is a button so any archive the index has missed can add itself.)

And OAIster currently indexes
a total of 247 OA archives of all kinds.

The ePrints UK snapshots could be made still more useful and informative
if they were augmented to cover the full worldwide context of OA

Stevan Harnad

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