OECD Declaration on Access to Research Data From Public Funding

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Excerpt from Open Access News

    "Barbara Quint, OECD Ministers Support Open Access for Publicly
    Funded Research Data, Information Today, February 9, 2004. Good
    overview of the Declaration on Access to Research Data From Public
    Funding with some clarification not yet published elsewhere. Excerpt:
    "Some confusion arose as to whether the 'open access' advocated by
    the OECD signatories included the research results usually published
    in journals or was restricted to the large digital data sets of
    raw research material used by multiple researchers, e.g., the Human
    Genome project. Daniel Malkin, head of the OECD Science and Technology
    Policy Division of the OECD Directorate for Science and Technology in
    Industry, when asked for clarification, indicated that the focus was
    on data sets. However, when asked if the Declaration specifically
    excluded finished research products, as in published material, he
    earnestly pointed out that there is no such thing as a 'finished'
    research product. He quoted Professor Ryoji Noyori, president of
    RIKEN and Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who attended the conference
    and stated, 'Science is a never-ending journey.' Daniel [actually
    "David" --PS] Prosser, director of SPARC Europe, an alliance of
    European research libraries, library organizations, and research
    institutions, and an advocate for open access, commented that 'the
    language and the logic would seem to apply to both data and its
    interpretation in research results.'"

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