JISC Tender: Eprints & Open Access Journals Model

From: Alice COLBAN <a.colban_at_JISC.AC.UK>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 19:38:17 +0000

Joint Information Systems Committee
Invitation to Tender
A study to forecast a delivery, management and access model for Eprints
and Open Access Journals within Further and Higher Education

This tender document invites proposals to undertake an analysis of a
delivery, management and access model for e-prints and open access
journals within the context of further and higher education. Details of
the proposed work and background information are set out below.

Funding of up to 30,000 including VAT and expenses is available for
this study. The deadline for proposals is 12 noon on Wednesday 10th
March 2004. The work should be undertaken over a three month period from
April - June 2004.

The full tender document is available at:
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