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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:20:07 -0500

on Tue, 10 Feb 2004 Stevan Harnad <> wrote:

> It does seem ironic, though, that a spokesman on behalf of the
> developing world (ARS) should be making common cause with a publicist for
> toll-access publishers (AH) who has long argued that the solution to the
> serials crisis is to find money (from somewhere) to give to libraries,
> so they can keep paying the rising journal prices. (It has repeatedly
> been pointed out that "find money, somewhere, to pay the rising prices"
> would be a universal formula for propping up the prices of all products
> and services, if there were the money, somewhere.)

        There was no problem linking library and R&D
        spending during the 1960s, when political
        pressures demanded better science. It would
        seem fundamental to any school child that
        spending on libraries used to prepare R&D
        must be a part of R&D policy.

        It was only after Western men walked on the
        moon that universities felt comfortable cutting
        money from libraries and sending it to the
        bottom line. The money is there, in the
        surpluses that show up clearly in tax reports
        and in the statistics of income and expenditure.

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