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I wonder whether publishers of OA journals couldn't all accept, on the same
kind of basis as the HINARI and other similar arrangements for
free/discounted subscriptions, that they would waive fees entirely to
authors in the first band of countries, and discount them (half?) to the
next band. Then all would be consistent



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> I sympathise with developing country authors who have to go through the
> process of asking for a dispensation of document management charges if
> they can't afford these. This doesn't feel like a level playing field.
> But I fail to understand why some of the recent correspondents to this
> list are totally ignoring the BOAI-1 eprints archive route to OA.
> As has been said many times already, let authors who cannot afford the
> charges of publishing in OA journals (BOAI-2) continue to publish in
> journals and at the same time archive their published papers in an
> eprint archive. This way their research is guaranteed maximum exposure
> and impact and it is achievable at almost nil cost. And in India, for
> example, the first eprints archives have been set up and a series of
> meetings are arranged in the sub-continent to raise awareness about the
> potential of this for Indian science and to show other institutes how to
> set up similar archives.
> Moreover, scientists in developing countries are even now distributing
> their papers through OA journals working with Bioline International
> a non-profit Brazil/Canada service)- where NO charge is made for document
> management - and simultaneously archiving the papers in an OA-compliant
> eprints archive on The increase in numbers of
> refereed papers from some 27 journals published in the developing world,
> and now in this archive, is increasing rapidly and approaching 1000
> already. The aim of BI is to transfer the document management technology
> to developing country publishers so that they too can set up their own
> institutional archives, if they wish.
> This route for authors from less developed nations offers a wonderful
> opportunity that is steadily becoming recognised as news gets around.
> The best of all worlds and a level playing field at last.
> Barbara
> Electronic Publishing Trust for Development
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