Re: Author Publication Charge Debate

From: Suhail A. R. <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 19:21:09 +0000

Subbiah Arunachalam wrote:

> Suhail has decided not to submit any paper to any OA journal, because they
> "are just as extremely commercial and just as obscenely priced." Suhail
> is annoyed with PLoS and BMC journals because they charge author fees
> and many authors in poor countries cannot afford author fees. But then
> they are not the only open access journals in the world. I welcome him and
> his colleagues to publish in the journals published by the Indian Academy
> of Sciences, Bangalore, India. No author fees and fully open access. There
> are many other open access journals which do not charge an author fee.

This information is very interesting because I never expected a developing
country to initiate a completely toll free journal. May I ask how the
publishing costs of journals of the Indian Academy of Sciences are met
if there are no author and reader tolls? Also is your funding model
generalizable outside India? If so why do you think the major players
in OA journals you mention above have author tolls?

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