Re: The Green and Gold Roads to Open Access

From: Suhail A. R. <sd2_at_GMX.NET>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 11:34:56 -0800

Stevan Harnad wrote:

>Hence the OA Journal ("Golden") Road to OA is too small, slow
>and uncertain as the *sole* solution to the Immediate Access
>Problem. Fortunately, there is also another, parallel Road, a larger,
>faster and surer one, the ("Green") Road to OA: that of continuing to
>publish one's articles in conventional TA journals but also providing
>OA to those same articles by self-archiving them.

I finally understand what you imply by the "green" road to OA. But this then
brings up one general & one personal question:

1. Generally, lets face the fact, I found out specifics about the "green"
road to OA from this forum. Few in the research world take it seriously
because even though many have heard about it, few know what it means, much
less how to implement it. Why so?

2. Personally, lets predict the scenario into the next twenty to fifty
years, assuming problem 1 is rectified: Self archiving is well advanced.
Will TA journals not be forced to take the "Golden" road to OA due to
falling subscriptions? If so, are we not just postponing the inevitable for
the third world?

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