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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 16:34:16 +0000

Posted by Peter Suber in Open Access News Tuesday 17 February 2004

Prior AmSci Thread:

    Exemplary self-archiving policy at QUT

    Only this week did I learn about the exemplary self-archiving
    policy at Queensland
    University of Technology. It was adopted last September, but took
    effect on January 1, 2004.

    Material which represents the total publicly available
    research and scholarly output of the University is to be
    located in the University's digital or 'E-print' repository subject to the exclusions noted. In this
    way it contributes to a growing international corpus of refereed and
    other research literature available on line, a process occurring in
    universities worldwide.

    The following materials are to be included:

    refereed research articles and contributions at the post-print stage
    (subject to any necessary agreement with the publisher); refereed
    research literature at the pre-printed stage (with corrigenda added
    subsequently if necessary at the discretion of the author); theses
    (as prepared for the Australian Digital Theses (ADT) process);
    un-refereed research literature, conference contributions, chapters
    in proceedings, etc. [...]
    Material to be commercialised, or which contains confidential
    material, or of which the promulgation would infringe a legal
    commitment by the University and/or the author, should not be included
    in the repository.

(Thanks to Carolyn Young.)
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