Re: On the Need to Take Both Roads to Open Access

From: Waaijers, Leo <Waaijers_at_SURF.NL>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 18:34:59 +0100

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From: Barbara Kirsop
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Subject: Re: On the Need to Take Both Roads to Open Access

"We would like to call on all those commited to the OA movement to
redress the balance in your promotional activities by explaining to all
that with OAArch nothing else need change."

Indeed Barbara, "nothing else need change". That's exactly my problem. As
long as libraries keep paying incredible amounts for their subscriptions,
publishers will allow self archiving of the published articles in return. In
that case it is not necessary to change anything. You're quite right.

But, what if libraries cannot afford the subscriptions any longer, break out
of the Big Deals and have to resume their cancellation policies (as happens
in the US at the moment)? Do you think that the commercial publishers will
remain passive and accept that their articles will stay accessible for these
libraries via self archiving activities of others?

I don't think so. At the end of the day we will encounter a bifurcation.
Either self archiving of commercially published articles will be forbidden
or commercial publishers have to convert to the Open Access model (in which
case they must foresee serious troubles with their shareholders who expect
profits of 40% and up).

Consequently, things have to change. And the sooner the bullet is bitten,
the better.

Leo Waaijers.
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