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From: Peter Suber <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 19:47:19 +0000

[Forwarding from Declan Butler at Nature. --Peter.]

Nature is to run a web focus on access to the literature from mid March
to mid-May. I would very much like to link from the focus to as many
position papers that people have made public on this. In particular,
many institutions have worked recently to produce evidence for the UK's
parliament's select committee inquiry on scientific publications. I
would also like to link to as many of these submissions as possible. The
select committees rules mean that societies, university presses and
other non-profits are only allowed to make their evidence public as of
next Tuesday, after they have given oral evidence. If you would like the
Nature focus to link to your submission, please send the url - as soon
as the submission is on a publicly accessible part of your site - to
Declan Butler, <>

If you have not given evidence to the committee but have a position
paper, please send Declan the URL for this.

Declan Butler
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