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From: Kat Hagedorn <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 19:29:02 +0000

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A repository of information that provides links to previously
difficult-to-locate electronic scholarly resources is widely available
under a new agreement between the University of Michigan and Yahoo! Inc.

The repository —- developed through Michigan's University Library OAIster
Project —- is now available through Yahoo!'s Content Acquisition Program
(CAP) and accessible through Yahoo! Search.

OAIster offers information that links to hidden digital resources such as
the complete contents of books and articles, technical reports, preprints
(unpublished works that have not yet been peer reviewed), white papers,
images of paintings, movies and audio files of speeches.

OAIster retrieves these elusive resources by tapping directly into the
collections of a variety of institutions using harvesting technology based
on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. The
U-M's OAIster service provides access to over 3 million harvested records
describing and pointing to these resources. Currently, the resources are
created and hosted by 267 research libraries and institutions from around
the world.

Many of the scholarly collections included in OAIster were not previously
indexed in popular Web search services and remained hidden from those who
need the resources for their research. By enabling access through Yahoo!'s
CAP program, these materials will be widely available to an international
audience of scholars, students, researchers and enthusiasts.

OAIster provides a direct link to an actual digital object—an image, book,
document—not just a catalog or descriptive information. Examples of some of
the collections currently available through OAIster include: the
Eprint Archive (an archive of physics research); Carnegie Mellon University
Informedia Public Domain Video Archive; Ethnologue: Languages of the World;
Library of Congress American Memory Project; and Caltech Earthquake
Engineering Research Laboratory Technical Reports.

CAP enables Yahoo! Search to expand the breadth and depth of content users
can access. In addition to the OAIster project, other participants in CAP
include National Public Radio, Northwestern University, the Library of
Congress, The New York Public Library, Project Gutenberg, UCLA and the
National Science Digital Library.

For more information about Michigan's OAIster Project, visit, or contact Katrina Hagedorn at For
more information about Yahoo! Search or the Content Acquisitions Program,
contact Sumir Meghani of Yahoo! Inc. at

You can view the press release at:

Kat Hagedorn
OAIster/Metadata Harvesting Librarian
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DLXS Text Class Co-coordinator
Digital Library Production Service
University of Michigan
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