Re: The Green and Gold Roads to Open Access

From: David Goodman <>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 01:23:36 +0000

In our discussions of OA, I feel there is a need for better terminology
to distinguish between the arXiv-like database or repository model,
in any of its modifications, and the two types of journals those paid
at the reader end, and those paid for at the journal-production end.

For journal-production-end journals, I particularly dislike author-paid,
as it is not the intention of any of the proponents that the author
personally will pay for the publication of the article. I think
sponsor-paid also bad, as the research sponsor pays through indirect
costs a good deal of the convention system's costs. (And of course
the same goes for university-paid, researcher-paid, and so forth).

For the current type of journal, library-paid is not really correct,
as the library pays from money it receives from elsewhere, (and as it
has been proposed earlier that the library might pay the costs of the
new system). Reader paid or user-paid is also not right, as the reader
or user almost never directly pays.

For the various database or repository models, I particularly dislike the
term "archive", because this is widely used in another meaning, though
a closely related one: an ultimate reference copy--which would be only a
part of such a system. Database is a very general term, and has been used
by the aggregators like Ebsco to mean their databases of journal articles
republished from the original journals, which is certainly not the intent.

I am not making suggestions, just hoping for them.
Arbitrary numerical , color, or place-name designations are out of
bounds--we need meaningful names, not code.

To distinguish the pseudo-open access as used to mean open access to
part of the journal: I think full open access and partial open access
are sufficient , and non-pejorative.

 Dr. David Goodman
Associate Professor
Palmer School of Library and Information Science
Long Island University

(and, formerly: Princeton University Library)
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