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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 12:35:59 +0000

Fytton Rowland:
> > Indian OA journals have been mentioned here before.
> > Where does the external funding come from?

Vinod Scaria:
> Funding comes from the supporting organisation/institution. This is a
> not-for profit endeavour and what we aim is better visibility/impact to
> papers from respective institutions without placing the burden on the
> authors (Most of the authors do not have external funding).

David Goodman:
> > In fact, payment for the production of journals is I think one very
> > desirable option, especially in those places where the funding for
> > the scientific research is also centralized. Essentially, when in
> > the US the NSF funds scientific research, it should be implicitedly
> > funding the distribution of the results.

Vinod Scaria:
> This *should* be the publishing option where Research funding is meagre,
> most research publications are not funded by an external source. The
> majority of our authors are not funded. These Journals are not-for profit
> ones and funded by not-for profit organisations/Institutions.

I suspect this is true of the majority of journals in the Lund list, in that
the costs of staff time, computer capacity and other overheads are
ignored/absorbed by the home institution.

Is it, however, an approach which is scaleable for the literature as a

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