Re: ALPSP Survey: Over 60% of Journal Publishers Are Already Green

From: Frederick Friend <>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:59:13 +0100

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Fred Friend:

If only authors did have the right to self-archive post-prints! Many of
them (and we have all done it) have lost that right when they signed the
publisher's copyright agreement. In order to self-archive post-prints
authors have to retain copyright or retain that specific right to
self-archive. Pre-prints can be self-archived without the publisher's
agreement before the copyright agreement is signed.

> > Anonymous query:
> >
> > "Over 60% of publishers" equates to what percentage of journal
> > titles that allow institutional archiving of already published papers?
> Cox, J. & Cox, L. (2003) Scholarly Publishing Practice: The ALPSP
> report on academic publishers' policies and practices in online
> publishing. Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.
> Stevan Harnad:
> That's a good question, because it will most certainly be higher than
> 60%! It would only be 60% of journals if each publisher published only
> one journal.
> I hope the authors (Cox & Cox) or the sponsor (ALPSP's Sally Morris)
> will be able to provide those data.

Stevan's reference is correct. There is an executive summary on the site
- the full report is for sale (we have to recoup the costs!)

275 publishers were asked; there were 149 usable responses including
all the major players.

About 52% of publishers covered in our survey do not allow posting of
preprints; some 48% do, either on the author's own web page, the
institution's site or a separate preprint server (yes, I know it doesn't
make much difference)

About 38% do not allow posting of the published article; around 62%
do, in one or more of the locations outlined above.

The questionnaires were anonymous so I have no way of telling you what
Elsevier's policy is.

Sally Morris, Chief Executive
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers


Michael Carroll:

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