Re: Please compare Romeo functionality and provide feedback

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Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 17:20:20 +0100

A 14:21 09/04/04 +0100, Stevan Harnad a écrit :

>It would be very helpful if you could compare and then provide feedback
>about the comparative functionality of the two new versions of the
>Romeo listing of publisher/journal policies on author self-archiving.

What do we want when we look at such such a list?

To read quickly and comfortably and to proceed rapidly to the goal,
which is not to ponder on how to translate colour codes!

<From the researcher's viewpoint (no time to waste) the Southampton version
does not require a long reflection to translate the code, and that is good.

Looking with my own librarian's eyes the Southampton version is less
tiring. Why? It would seem this is because:

    (1) The character size for publisher titles is larger than the other
    lines in the Southampton version, which makes it easier to read.

    (2) The lack of contrast (dominant gray) in the SHERPA is really tiring.

    (3) Passing from one title to another is tiring for the brain (too
    many changing codes to translate).

And of course I too would second the request that we have a journal version
rather than just a publisher version *very quickly*.

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