Re: New policy of combining one-on-one postings

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:14:02 +0100

         Subject Thread (Mar 27 2004):
        "New policy of combining one-on-one postings"

My apologies for not having been conscientious enough in applying this new
digest policy. Let me now promise that I will rigorously re-double efforts
to gather all minor postings into single weekly or biweekly composite
postings. This will require some judgment calls (which will no doubt
elicit postings criticizing them!) but this Forum has been ongoing for
7 years and it is important that our focus graduate now to matters of
substance, policy and action. We have important policy-makers in the Forum
of late, and I ask contributors to post with this new demography and
direction in mind.

The American Scientist Open Access Forum is the oldest and most active of
the Open Access (OA) lists. It is the locus where most of the topics being
widely discussed today first arose -- as attested to by the long-standing
subject-threads attached to them.

I would like to propose that henceforth OA-to-OA postings that are not
likely to be of interest to policy-makers at universities, research
institutions, and research-funding agencies might better be directed to
one of the other OA lists, such as:

        (1) The Budapest Open Access Forum

        (2) The SPARC Open Access Forum

Let us try to reserve the American Scientist Open Access Forum for
substantive policy-relevant matters with a view to hastening and
facilitating OA worldwide.

Stevan Harnad

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Subject: Re: Withdrawal from the American Scientist Open Access Forum

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004, [identity deleted -- Director of Major Funding Agency]

> I would be grateful if you would remove my name from this list please.
> I receive enough official e-mail without having it added to by the
> comments, conversations and chats that seem to have characterised the
> past week's contributions but which now require to be cleared after
> having a week out of the office.

Dear Dr. [identity deleted]

I have removed your name. I am sorry that the Forum sometimes becomes
chats on minor matters. I wish I could keep contributions focussed
on matters of substance only, but alas that is beyond my power. I
had resolved to gather single minor postings into periodic composite
postings, but I lapsed from this on this occasion because I had (wrongly)
sought to preserve the separate subject-threads and their headers for
reference. I will now stop doing that if its effect is to drive essential
parties such as yourself out of the Open Access Forum.

With apologies,

Stevan Harnad
Moderator, American Scientist Open Access Forum
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