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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 12:56:38 +0100

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 From: "Rick Anderson" <>

David Goodman wrote:

> I cannot immediately think of a single term for
> author/university/sponsor/etc., but perhaps someone else will.

Based on what you say below, David, it seems to me that the reason you
can't think of a better term than "author-paid" is that it's the only
accurate one.

The scenarios you describe below all put the responsibility for securing
funds and passing them on to the publisher squarely on the author's
shoulders. Hoepfully, the author can get the funds from her
institution; if not, then she should be able to request a lower fee from
the publisher, and if she is from an underprivileged area, then she
shouldn't have to pay at all. But it seems to me that these are all
elaborations on the basic idea that the author is the one responsible
for securing and delivering payment. Even if the money paid by the
author comes out of grant funds, it's still the author, as grant
requestor, who has to get those funds and pass them on to the publisher.
I think it would be euphemism to call that arrangement anything other
than "author-paid."

Rick Anderson
Dir. of Resource Acquisition
University of Nevada, Reno Libraries

 From: "Eberhard R. Hilf" <>
David Goodman wrote:
> I cannot immediately think of a single term for
> author/university/sponsor/etc. , but perhaps someone else will.
> What about "Institutional funding for document creation."
> This is the way for the internet aera.
The German Science Foundation DFG  does urge the scientists, receiving a
grant to make their results open access available, - on whichever way
(personal, institutional, central self-archiving, or oa-journals)
and allocates within the grant a substantial amount for
"Author  charges for publication".
Eberhard Hilf
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