Re: How many journals sell authors Open Access by the article?

From: David Goodman <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 15:12:57 +0100

It is not a step forward! As a practical matter, articles in journal that require publication costs will be much more likely to have them paid by the sponsor, etc., than journals that make them optional (as has generally been the policy for page charges.) Thus it will decrease the speed of adopting OA.

The good fast ways to increase OA are to do it a nation at a time, or a subject at a time, or a university at a time, or at least a journal at a time. A good but very slow way, is convincing individual authors, an author at a time. Spreading OA at the rate of an individual paper at a time is the slowest possible. Doing it in a way that discourages additional funding, is of negative value. I think SH's last comment applies to any such plan "a cynical bet on authors' continuing naivete about OA:

If we must proceed author by author, I would suggest this as an alternative: Each author always ask the publisher for permission to post his papers as published.(fully green , in Amsci terms). If the author is of sufficient stature to be convincing, he shoul also inform the editor-in-chief that if permission is denied, the liklihood of future papers being sent elsewhere is much increased. Journals need good authors as much as they need subscribers, and the cumulative effect will induce change.

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